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Having a romance problem in cyberspace?
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Tired? Listless? Feeling Blue?

We here at Ask Dr.Cyberlove are dedicated to finding an answer to every problem, whether it's the right answer to the wrong problem or the wrong answer to the right problem, or even an incoherent answer to an unrelated problem. No question is too hard, and no answer is too easy; no problem is too small, and no fee is too large. Here are some of the questions we've been asked (and answered) recently:

Dr. CyberLove, my girlfriend just sent me e-mail telling me that she never wants to see me again. Do I have to return all of her GIFs?

No. Those are yours, to treasure forever. But you should get yourself checked out to see if she left you a nasty virus.

Dear Doctor CyberLove, I have been in Adult chatrooms in Yahoo and people have asked me "do you wanna have cybersex." I don't know what to do during CyberSex. Can you give me some advice, 'cause I'm interested in it.

A Dr. Cyberlove thinks the answer is in the very meaning of the word. The root of Cyber is the Greek word Kybern, which means "to steer." A Kybernet is a helmsman, or one who steers. The meaning of sex, of course, is universally known. So CyberSex is, literally, the act of having sex with a steering wheel. Somehow, unless the steering wheel is of unusual design, this does not seem like much fun. If you're wondering about my name, it is best translated as "The Helmsman of Love."

Having a romance problem in cyberspace?
to submit your question to Dr. Cyberlove


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